Drug abuse is the habitual use of illegal drugs but in this context Ampiclox (antibiotic) is not an illegal drug. So, for awareness sake other drugs like antibiotics can be abused.

Ampiclox is a penicillin derived broad spectrum antibiotic which contains Ampicillin and Cloxacillin. It is used in treating bacteria infections.

This is the most widely used drug in Nigeria among people of all ages whether being prescribed by a doctor or through self medication. Actually I don’t know how it became so popular among its peer maybe probably because it’s an antibiotic but the fact is there are plenty other antibiotics.

The abuse on antibiotics is so alarming to the extent that people feel it’s a kind of magical drug that can cure all kinds’ diseases.

I have been in a situation where someone said he took Ampiclox to wash the body system, please what is the person washing or when did Ampiclox become a detergent?

The area where it is greatly abused is after sexual intercourse which would make me concentrate more on this area. Both guys and ladies take Ampiclox immediately after sexual intercourse thinking it would kill all kinds of micro-organisms including viruses and fungi. This is so shameful because the educated folks partake in this awkward habit. For so many years the use of the drug has been abused by sex lovers who often pop one capsule after unprotected intercourse with the aim of cleansing the blood.I can still remember the case of a girl who wanted to abort and was planning to use postinor2 with some capsules of Ampiclox to carry out the act.

Though the use of the drug after unprotected sex reduces the risk of infection. However it can aid the development of resistance by bacteria against the drug. This is simply telling you the risks outweigh the benefits. Development of resistance strains means you could get infected with a stronger strain of bacteria upon irrational usage of the drug.Hence it is bad to pop a capsule of Ampiclox after sex because the risks outweigh the benefits.

At times I wonder if there was any manner of education with the way some people reason. It is very important to even know a little about whatever that is going into your body system, what does it do after ingesting it and the possible side effects to experience after taking the drug

We need to be conscious about what we take inside our body and most importantly always talk to your pharmacist.

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