As a community Pharmacist, you see many kinds of people come in to get their prescriptions, pick up health and beauty supplies and ask general questions about medication application.

As a pharmacist you have to be careful and discreet, paying full attention especially when it comes to serious issues.

Don’t be surprise patients will come to ask the unusual questions what wasn’t thought in pharmacy school. Sometimes you have to muster all your strength to keep a straight face and give a satisfactory answer but some of these questions could really get on your nerves and you be like `did you actually muster that out… are you kidding me sir…. After the entire scene the best to do is to carefully explain what they don’t know but a few would still disagree, at this point you leave their case for God to solve.

These are some of the ridiculous encounter community pharmacists could have with their patients.

After giving out, out of stock they keep asking severally where else to get the drug like that’s the only pharmacy in the world

Girls are like I don’t like taking drugs but they take postinor2 3-5 times a week. Well done sister Caro

Please mix malaria and typhoid 200naira. I be like sorry we don’t sell malaria and typhoid here. We sell drugs. Na wa ooo

Can I take my MEDS with beer: today is Friday I have to drink. I wonder if truly some people can’t do without drinking beer probably stupidity or show off. This particular one disgusts me

Patient:I want to buy ampiclox, pharmacist: how many card. Patient: one card, pharmacist: but you will need 2 cards at least to complete the dose, patient: no it will dry my blood. When did ampiclox become an electrical component.


I want to buy PT.Pharmacist: what is PT. patient: PT now. Pharmacist: sorry Its not available. Patient: pregnancy test strip. oh hot puff puff dey your mouth before abi

Old papas will come with some bullcrap stories just to get a card of lexotan. Excuse me sir, you don’t have a prescription. We have heard them all.

Some of them will even tell you their prescription is cheaper somewhere else. Oh really go there sir

Ask me to fill another prescription of yours when you just got served for one and there are other people in line. Na devil send you come here?

Start talking to me or ask a question when I am clearly on the phone

Ask me where the bathroom is. Chai… come on the store is not that big. You can find it

Tell me you know what you read is absolutely true because you read it on the internet. Well done sir, the internet is now your pharmacist

Tell me you know that something is absolutely true because your neighbor`s uncle`s brother son who is an artisan said so.


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