Have you ever been turned down from having sex? Or have you ever asked yourself why, especially when it was so obvious it was going to happen. The truth is that you need to know how to communicate with your partners and what she is going through at any point in time

Most ladies feel shy to discuss some health issues or otherwise with their partner to avoid being accused of immorality or lack of proper hygiene so they become defensive when it comes to sex until they find a solution to the problem.

Here are the different reasons that could make a lady say no to sex.

BODY ODORS: Research has shown that certain body odors are connected to human sexual attraction. Odor is defined as sensory stimulation from a group of molecules, stimulating the olfactory membrane of the nose. LEARN HOW TO GET RID OF YOUR BODY ODOUR. 08123491774

Most ladies reject sex because of what ooze out from the body. Having bad body odor can actually piss a guy off from sex, losing interest rapidly. Ladies with bad body odor usually feel depressed when guys complain about the kind of odor oozing from their bodies. There is no good evidence that people have pheromones, scents is a more subtle sexual indicator for us. Scent communication does play important roles in human sexuality. Our body odors may not whip potential mates into a lustful frenzy but some studies show that smells might color perception to a certain extent possibly being a small part of what makes one person find another attractive.

BAD BREATH: Damn…. I don’t think any woman would want to disgrace herself to have sex with a guy considering the state of her mouth. There is no way you will enjoy sex or being with someone with bad breath because you will be disgusted at the thought of kissing the person. This is so true and worse than body odor.


ITS THAT TIME OF THE MONTH: This is the major reason why most ladies refuses to have sex. But some crazy things happen though. Some people never mind whether there is a red flag or not. In retrospect I heard some people say its more enjoyable during that time of the month. some ladies said it’s the best non documented treatment for their menstrual pain, while some guys said they have nothing to worry about doing it at that time of the month. But naturally most women have no interest in anything else except trying to see it out. Even if as a man you have no problem with getting down with a woman in her period she may not respond to your advances

VAGINA ODOR: It is paramount to let people know that the vagina is supposed to have a smell which varies from different part of the menstrual cycle. Healthy vagina emits different scents throughout the month. Some women naturally emit stronger vaginal odors while others don’t. Sweating heavily or having unprotected heterosexual sex can also temporarily change the smell of your fun parts. Meanwhile while a scent is a sign that your vagina is healthy and its PH properly balanced, a change in smell can sometimes be a sign of vaginosis or trichonomiasis. You can read more there… http://tbsmedlink.com/blog/2016/09/15/the-so-called-toilet-infections-in-women/

But sometimes it may simply mean that you have just finished up with your period. Most times it seems difficult to tell what kind of scent is healthy when you haven’t put in the woman-hours cataloging you own vagina smells. For this reason most girls will not feel comfortable having sex with the disgusting odor. With gynapharm capsule and vagic liquid, your story will change. contact dele@tbsmedlinks.com or 08123491774

PRESENCE OF GENITAL WARTS: Having genital warts doesn’t mean your sex life is over. Genital warts can be a source of depression and anxiety which can take a toll on sexual health. I personally can’t imagine sex with a lady with genital warts, to be frank I can’t, I just can’t

Many people with genital warts feel embarrassed or even worry about spreading the infection to a partner. This actually happened sometimes in 2016, a female friend called to discuss the issue with me. I was somehow expecting something more chronic until she said warts and suspecting whether she got it from her ex and afraid she must have infected the recent one. she was afraid to tell the guy about the warts, furthermore I advised her to visit a pharmacy and get podophylliin paint which must have done the magic because she didn’t to talk about it again. Relshi, golden hypha and podophyllin paint or cream are your best bet.

Ladies in a new relationship may worry about telling a partner about their condition and fear rejection. Most ladies avoid activity altogether which may lead to depression and loss of intimacy with a partner. In turn sex drive may decrease. But never mind, feel free to join our health group by sending your whatsapp number to tbsmedlink@gmail.com and we shall all deliberate on how to make you feel better.

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