Incase you don’t know A =Abstinence B= Be faithful C=use a condom. I have thought deeply about this topic for some time now and the truth about this post lies in what I heard from people while getting facts to back the contents of the post up.

Let me start by saying that the best methods we were taught to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS are no longer working. Why are people no longer scared of the virus? Is it that they have placed pleasure above healthy living? That’s the question we should ask ourselves.

People are now used to the different lectures, seminars, and blog posts and so on about the 3 best methods to prevent and reduce the spread of the virus. It is a common thing about man to forget things easily when there is fun on the other side. The same way Adam forgot that he was instructed by God not to eat a particular fruit in the Garden of Eden.

Very much truth is in it, they are the best methods but looking back to where I work, chats with people and at times what I read on some forums, people are beginning to trash out the ideology of the methods. People in all ramification are no longer scared of the disease again, when you try to lecture them they say (Na today) they have equipped themselves to believe that if something doesn’t kill, something else will (diabetes, cancer, liver cirrhosis and kidney failure to mention a few). It’s just like telling an alcoholic the dangers of taking too much of alcohol, they are always on the defensive part.

My opinion points on ignorance. Ignorance is a condition of being uninformed or uneducated or lack of knowledge or information. People have become so ignorant that they pick pleasure above their own lives, their families and loved ones.

From the few chats I had while coming up with this post, I met different set of people with different opinions why they indulge in disregarding the ABC Methods. Here are a few funny but reckless behaviors

I met a guy that said a charm can detect if someone has the virus and that he will get its own soon
My aboki friend said he cannot wear rubber to have sex. He has never used before. smh
Someone said he ejaculates faster with condoms and it doesn’t come up again. So occasionally he doesn’t wear condoms
Married men said they love their wives but then they need to do some oil exploration
A lady said condoms gives her irritation
Another lady said she does it to satisfy her man
The funniest so far, a young lady said she feels like a LovePeddler when her man is wearing a condom to have sex with her

The number of people indulging in them is growing by heaps and bounds. Some have even climbed the tree beyond the last leaf; nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. I actually don’t need to go far on this, we all know most of these things and some are even guilty of them but it’s now time to come out of being ignorant to avoid a monumental scourge. FOR COUNSELING SEND A MAIL TO DELE@TBSMEDLINKS,COM OR TBSMEDLINK@GMAIL.COM.

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