Immunity Restoration.

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The immune system can be damaged by so many factors like stress, diseases, lifestyles, medications and viral infections.

Golden hypha contains advanced immunomodulatory protein that’s restores immune system with the ability of boosting CD4 cells which could have been weakened due to the treatment of cancer and chronic hepatitis.

Golden hypha contains natural flammulina velutipes which is a potent anti cancer and immune protein.

Golden hypha restores immune system, relieves side effects to the treatment of cancer and tumour,  relieves hepatitis and neurodermatitis and also used together with RELSHI  to shrink fibroid tissues.Golden hypha usage is one of the ways we can protect our lives against cancer.  Cancer is not a contagious disease. Cancer has no known cause but it is believed that it develops within out cells and causing malignancy and eventually death. Insure you life as you have been insuring your Properties. You life is more precious. Insure it against cancer with a pack of GOLDEN HYPHA. 08123491774 or dele@tbsmedlinks.com

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