This is no joke, a lot of people are Hiv+ without caring to know their status.The reason being that Hiv takes time to manifest thereby prolonging any eventualities. The virus is called Hiv because if affects the human immune system causing severe damage over a long period of time to a stronger immune system but for people whose immunity is on the average or below a crash could occur in less than a year by the virus.

I have counseled so many patients and thank God the era of stigmatization is far gone. The few i have seen are not really bothering about being positive except for the fact that the drug has to be taken everyday till only God knows when. They do virtually what we do including having sex with a partner even though its very risky when the subject is yet to be stabilized. Stability in this term denotes when the viral load has tremendously reduced.

90% of patients i met in the last 4 months have partners who are negative even after series of test. one of them is still trying to get pregnant and the husband has been supportive. she is positive but negative when tested while the husband is totally negative. she was able to achieve that by using her drugs regularly and with the use of supportive immune boosters.

I will briefly point out how you can turn your Hiv+ to negative, but mind you the drugs should still be taken regularly to achieve this so that the virus does not multiply again, mutate and become resistant to ARVs. The worst thing to happen to this our generation is the resistant strains of this virus

  • Be honest with your Meds (ARVs): You have to be honest with your anti retroviral by taking it at that stipulated time daily preferably at night. If missed the dose should not be taken with the current schedule. it is better taken at night because of there side effects such as dizziness, nausea and vomiting
  • Do not ignore concomitant drugs: For someone first testing positive isoniazid will be given for 6 months to prevent any opportunistic infection like tuberculosis afterwards septrin is now given to prevent the possibilities of future opportunistic infections
  • Use immune system boosters: There are a whole lot of immune system boosters but mind you a lot are placebo very few are efficacious. I know a few that have helped patients in my facility to test negative while positive. I don’t advertise drugs online so you can reach out to find more (08123491774, dele@tbsmedlinks.com or tbsmedlink@gmail.com) These drugs are not only restricted to PLWHIV alone, they are for everybody

It is very achievable to test Hiv- while being Hiv+ as long as these 3 methods are honestly obeyed. You can get that wonderful job without discrimination of being positive. You can still have a child, get married, enjoy your sex live life to the fullest but never hide your status from your partner. Stay blessed


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