As a pharmacist there is no day i do not come across someone with PILE . There was a time i suffered a crisis too and in a few days i spent a lot on medications at my disposal. Only if i had researched on this new products early enough, the money i spent would not have been that much

Everyday patients show acute or chronic symptoms of pile . And one bad thing about PILE is that it weakens the male organ which could cause infertility.

Barely 3 weeks I came across 2 combo drugs for the treatment of PILE.. These two drugs have been very helpful for my subjects. No matter the age group the efficacy of the medications is guaranteed. A lot of people have been dealing with PILE for decades but I can assure you help has come. The good news is that the protruding part will go back inside, no more constipation and pain. Bleeding will stop and the patients will have their health back There is no need for any suppository like anusol or corticosteroid cream, no need to drink concoction that destroys the liver and kidney because with the thought of treating PILE a lot of patients have destroyed their liver and kidneys with different herbal mixtures . This is a new treatment plan and has worked for those that have never attempted surgery. I want anybody with PILE to go for this 1 month treatment plan or more. The colon powder moistens the stool for easy passage while the phlebodia relieves all kind of symptoms associated with acute or chronic PILE.    Get rid of PILE fast.

PRICE: 28000 (one month treatment plan)

DOSAGE: PHLEBODIA: one tablet to be taken three times daily for at least 30 days

COLON CARE PSYLLIUM HUSK: 5mls powder mixed with water before food. to be repeated three times                                                                                      daily

NOTE : Not applicable for pregnant women and for those that have undergone hemorrhoid surgery

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