Track your numbers

Kiptrack Machine.

Do you know your numbers? Do you know millions of people are being diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes monthly

Some people will say I am not diabetic, my father never had any history of hypertension so I can not be hypertensive. Permit me to say you are the most ignorant person in existence.

Death is commonly use when life lives a living thing. Health issues like diabetes and hypertension result to death. Do you know that diabetes has the highest record of limb amputation compared to accidents. To cut the story short back then in medical school I watched my uncle, dying on his hospital bed after his two legs were cut off due to gangrene caused by diabetes.

Diabetes can also cause blindness, nerve damage impotency, kidney failure and weak erection. Hypertension on its on is called a silent killer. It can cause ischemic heart disease, stroke, heart failure,cardiac arrest and also blindness (glaucoma)

But I have come with some good news and the good news is you can track your numbers with kiptrack blood pressure and blood sugar machine. Kiptrack Machine is a 2in1 machine that measures your blood sugar and blood pressure which also gives the advantage of tracking your readings. You can track the readings up to 2 months. This gives you more confidence to know how well you are doing. The results are very accurate with good precision and very easy to use.

Get yours for just #22000+ 10 glucose strips.  Machine and extra glucose strips of (50)is 28500. Part payment would be made before delivery.

Delivery is not free outside Lagos

Contact 08123491774 for more details.


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