Are you tired of mosquitoes disturbing your sleep with those annoying sounds and bites.

According to WHO malaria kills more than any disease in the world. Millions of children and adults die of malaria every year.

Another issue is  most anti malaria drugs are now resistant to the female anopheles mosquitoes because of random abuse use of antimalarials. Have it at the back of your mind that antimalarials come with different side effects like headache, muscle pain, hallucinations, anorexia nausea and vomiting etc. Drugs are never safe except when we weigh the risks and benefits

Then wait no more
The photocatalytic USB Mosquito killer lamp is your answer to end Malaria in your homes. Equipped with LED Bionic Violet wave- Eco-Friendly – and Easy to Clean Up.   

It is safe, no radiation, easy to use and safe for infants and babies

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Price: 8000. Free delivery in Nigeria

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