As we all know HYPERTENSION is not necessarily a condition for the elderly again. Many more young people are increasing the number of people with hypertension.

We decided to carry out an experiment in my Pharmacy by randomly checking everybody who comes in from age of 25 and we realized that 75% of them have elevated blood pressure with also high PULSE RATE.

It is recommended by WHO that every home should have at least a device to monitor blood pressure especially those who have parents or siblings with the condition.

The WRIST BLOOD PRESSURE DEVICE is a small monitor bigger than a BVLGARI wrist watch that measures blood pressure accurately than the monitor for the arm.

It is accurate with high precision because it is firmly attached to the wrist and picks the pressure in the blood vessels directly. Another reason for it’s accuracy is because there are lesser amount of fat around the wrist compared to the arm which makes it possible to pick up the reading fast and accurate from the vessels


It is small and easy to carry out

High precision and accuracy

Suitable for the bad sighted and blind people because it reads out the pressure one after the other

Ability to check past readings

It can be used by 2 users. User A and User B to track their readings

It is a new device manufactured July 11 2019

Get yours today because Hypertension is a silent killer

Contact: 07030409811 to order

Price 14000+ Free delivery

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