Scotland immigration through student visa

Recently the new prime minister of UK announced that international students will now have 2 yr work visa permit to stay in the uk after completion of postgraduate study. This is really a great news and some many International students are already applying to UK schools come January 2020 when the policy will kick off

I am here to give u some information and an opportunity to partake and use this opportunity to emigrate to the UK and also from the UK move to your dream country but you can still decide to stay in the UK by meeting their requirements.

I am currently processing my own through an international education outsourcing company in Nigeria because they have done it for close family members and friends who are already living in Scotland and not planning of coming back.  This is the reàson I am recommending them. It is not for those who don’t have money because international schools are expensive but worth it eventually.


The student can go with his spouse and kids

The student will have just 20hrs to work while the dependent spouse can do full time up to 45hrs weekly

School fees can be paid in instalments. Most schools in Scotland give scholarships even to 3rd class students. I have a 3rd class client enjoying this offer.

There is a special kind of visa application that doesn’t involve interview (super priority visa) . The visa will be sent to the person through DHL and at times they might also call from the embassy to ask some relevant questions. Note: it’s more expensive than normal visa application.

Having an international degree acceptable worldwide


Opportunity to migrate to countries like USA, Canada and Australia. UK is like an access route to so many countries

Your children will enrol in the schools there

If you can get a job after graduation that will pay up to £30k per annum you will be able to apply for an extension of your Visa (work permit)

You càn also extend your stay by picking up a PHD program or your spouse can start his or her own program.

You can start to process your Canada immigration from the UK.

Singles can marry a uk citizen to get permanent residency

And lots more.

If you are interested and want to start now to get more information about the international education outsourcing company. You will be required to pay a consultancy fee of 3500. Information is key. You can’t get this information so cheap anywhere. After making payment of 3500 I will give you 3 basic information of the outsourcing company which are

The website

The number of their agent in Scotland and Nigeria

The office address in Lagos Nigeria.

We can also book an appointment and visit the office together.

The outsourcing company has offices here in Nigeria and Scotland.

To learn more whatsapp me on 08123491774.

Get a good future for your family.. Nobody has ever regretted relocating to developed countries. I am also going as a dependent spouse and have the opportunity to live and work for 4years in Scotland, As for me this is the greatest information for those who can afford it.. Make haste while offer last.


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